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Hondouran Subaru Nut Has 15 Minutes Of Fame With Aftermarket Subaru Parts Instruction Manuals

Many blogs can be found specially written for Subaru fans. As the car has been around since the 1950s, it stands to reason that the company is no longer manufacturing many parts and instruction manuals for earlier models are scarce.  The Ultimate Subaru Message Board is a place where Subaru fans meet and exchange information. Among them is a lawyer living in Honduras who has a fleet of these boxy vehicles.

His hobby seems to be tinkering with his cars and putting in improvements and doodads where possible. For instance he replaced the dash lights with the newer LEDs. He puts in aftermarket Subaru parts into his cars and finds that the cars run better.  He used the Ford Tempo’s front coil springs in the Subaru because they are taller and find that it improves the feel of the front suspension.

This Honduran Subaru fan mechanic helps other Subaru fans by writing detailed instructions on how to change various parts with available parts from other autos. He has built up a dedicated fan following as there are enough Subaru fans out there to take a leaf out his book. With inspirational ideas and a lot of patience using aftermarket Subaru parts he is sure that people will be happy with the end result.

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Discover How A Switch To Synthetic Mitsubishi Transmission Fluid Can Save On Gas

The purpose of transmission fluid is to reduce friction in a vehicle’s transmission. Switching to using synthetic Mitsubishi transmission fluid in a Mitsubishi vehicle can improve efficiency, protect the transmission from wear and tear, and lead to significant cost savings on gas.

Synthetic transmission fluid is a better option than petroleum fluid for Mitsubishi vehicles. The average molecule size in a synthetic transmission fluid is smaller than in a petroleum fluid. A smaller molecule size reduces internal friction in the fluid, allowing it to act more effectively as a lubricant. Adequate lubrication allows parts of the transmission to move more easily, and so minimizes the horsepower required to drive the transmission.

The owner’s manual of a Mitsubishi vehicle will recommend the type of transmission fluid that should be used in the vehicle. It is always best to use the official Mitsubishi transmission fluid that is recommended in the owner’s manual. Even though other brands might be less expensive, only Mitsubishi transmission fluid has been designed to optimize the performance and fuel efficiency of the particular Mitsubishi vehicle it is to be used in.

Synthetic transmission fluids keep the temperature of the transmission in a safe range by reducing friction. Very high temperatures can cause the transmission fluid to break down, leading to damage to the transmission, or even a substantial repair bill for transmission replacement. As well as helping to keep the operating temperature within a safe range, synthetic transmission fluids can also withstand high temperatures better than traditional petroleum lubricants.

To enjoy better fuel efficiency and protect their vehicle from wear, Mitsubishi owners should consider switching to synthetic Mitsubishi transmission fluid. Genuine synthetic Mitsubishi transmission fluids can be purchased from a Mitsubishi dealer.

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Top 3 Tips For Used Sports Car Shoppers

If you have always dreamt of driving a sports car and speeding in the wind, this is the right time to buy one, considering the vast range available and the fact that you can easily and safely buy a used sports car. Whether you want to splurge on a Ferrari or a Porsche, a Lamborghini or a BMW, you can be assured of getting a good deal and spending only about one-third to one-half the price of a new one, depending on the age of the vehicle and considering prices have been going down.

The three most important factors when buying a used sports car

Before you decide on the model, its top speed, the kind of car you want and where you plan to drive it, you should check out on the internet – there are numerous online forums and sites that allow free browsing and checking various specifications to enable you to make an informed choice and decide which car you want to buy. The three most important factors are

  1.      Choose your specs – this is important as it affects the valuation of the car. The right combination of engine and gear box is important as is the fact whether the sports car has undergone any modifications.
  2.      Suspension – is even more important in a sports car because of the high speeds it is driven at. Often shock absorbers my leak and bushings get worn-out after use. If a Bilstein Suspension is in use, you have an additional safety factor, because of the quality.
  3.      Maintenance – the car should be well-maintained with the necessary car fluids at an optimum level and tires and brakes in good condition, otherwise you will have to pay heavy repair/replacement bills later.

A certified pre-owned car will give you an additional safety factor as you can be sure that you will not be sold a lemon, though a certified car will cost slightly more than a non-certified one. Do keep in mind that the Bilstein Suspension will also benefit you as well other Bilstein products if used in the car.


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Will The 2013 Outlander Sport 5-Speed Manual Save On Mitsubishi Transmission Fluid?

The 2013 Outlander Sport 5-speed manual uses a special transmission fluid, similar to other Mitsubishi vehicles. These vehicles use a Mitsubishi transmission fluid, which has different components than the universal fluid accepted by other cars from different providers. It is also important to take note of the 5-speed manual edition, as both manual and automatic vehicles use a different kind of transmission fluid. Using the wrong kind of fluid may cause serious damage with the functionality of the transmission in the vehicle, and end up costing several hundred, if not thousands of dollars in repairs, versus what a traditional transmission fluid flush might cost. When looking to purchase a new vehicle, any individual is likely to wonder about different fluid levels and what is going to cost less in the long run. Almost always, when it comes to transmission, the answer is manual.

The 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport comes in two different transmission packages: manual and automatic. The manual option is several thousand dollars cheaper, but it also uses less transmission fluid, in general. This is because a manual transmission is able to be shifted into different gears more accurately than what an automatic transmission performs. Typically, an automatic transmission is left at the high end of a gear for longer, using up more of the Mitsubishi transmission fluid. The manual option, however, allows the driver to shift earlier and reduce not only the grind on the gears, but the amount of transmission fluid used to change gears.

On top of this, the five-speed manual is only five gears, while the automatic is six gears. The more gears in an automatic the more accurate it is in shifting, as there is less room for error, but it also means more shifting takes place, and thus, more Mitsubishi transmission fluid is used. This way, whether the driver looks to change out and flush their own transmission fluid, or when it comes to just topping it off, less transmission fluid is required to do so with the 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander manual verses the automatic.  The automatic has grown more efficient in its shifting over the years, as the precision of shifting in automatic vehicles is closing the gap, but the manual version is almost always going to use less transmission fluid (or any other fluid, including gasoline, for that matter). When it comes to saving money,  manual is the way to go.

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Subaru BRZ vs. Scion FR-S: A Side-By-Side Comparison

The Subaru BRZ and Toyota’s Scion FR-S have both raised eyebrows with regards to the style, design and pricing level at a time when most Japanese cars are generally priced out of the average person’s market. Both models, utilizing a rear-wheel propulsion system, are bringing back a car design that was heavily seen in the 1980s and early 1990s but has since been put on the backshelf.

The irony between the two car models is the fact that both Subaru and Toyota had their hands in each other’s cars via cooperation. Priced just above $26,000 MSRP, the two cars owe their engineering the Subaru for the body frame and power transmission system. Toyota took dibs on detailing out the external design look of the cars. Even in the engine compartment, the two companies are integrated. Subaru developed the 4-cylinder block while Toyota matched it with its own fuel injection system assembly. This shared approach is a good thing for when people eventually need spares from vendors like Subaru Performance Parts Online.

The 2.0 liter power system puts out serious attention with how fast it can rev up and go. With a red line limit at 7,400 RPM, the engine block in both cars puts out a 200 horsepower result at the high end and has no problem quickly vaulting to 60 mph from a dead stop. For those who truly believe the best way to manage such power is with a stick, a manual transmission is available. Otherwise, non-thinking car drivers can still enjoy either car with an automatic transmission as well.

So if a car buyer is trying to distinguish between the BRZ and the Scion FR-S, don’t bother. The main difference between the two is the sign on the car dealer lot selling the vehicle. Both perform the same and produce a lot of zip for their dollar, making many car drivers on a budget very happy campers.

To find out more about the cars as well as aftermarket parts, readers should also checkout Subaru Performance Parts Online.

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Top 3 Subaru Performance Parts Improvements For A Stock Legacy GT

The powerful turbo from the WRX, sporty yet comfortable suspension, and luxury is Subaru Legacy GT. The 265 horsepower factory-spec car certainly performs well enough, but a wealth of aftermarket Subaru performance parts online make the Legacy GT even better.

Family sedan with rally car muscle . .

The Legacy GT has a turbocharged 2.5 liter engine that reaches 0-60 mph in less than six seconds, building boost from 2000 rpm and revving quickly through the rest of the torque band. The performance-oriented 2.5GT works through a well-suited 6-speed manual transmission, mated to the exceptional Subaru all-wheel drive system — putting down all that power right where and when it’s needed. But even with all these original specs, Subaru performance parts online find room for improvement.

Performance air intake enhancement . .

Enhancing cold airflow into the motor adds power and performance sounds under the hood, for not a lot of money. Positive results grow other enhancements like tuning, exhaust, etc. The Takeda TR-4303P Air Intake System – a custom-designed, dyno-proven bolt-on device — force feeds oxygen-rich, power-producing fresh air right down the engine’s throat. Unrestricted power flows through mandrel-bent aluminum tubes; polished-aluminum is clear anodized to prevent oxidation. The sounds are delicious, and it looks good when opening the hood.

Performance handling options . .

That added speed, combined with sport enthusiast energy, means the suspension must do more work for optimal handling. The KW Variant 3 coilover system integrates 14-way adjustable compression with infinitely adjustable rebound control in conjunction with custom ride height flexibility. V3 coilovers provide handling enhancement that will function dynamically at both low-speed and high-speed driving with unmatched performance and more responsive and predicable handling at every corner.

Performance exhaust enhances sound and response . .

The Invidia Q300 Catback Exhaust for the latest Subaru Legacy GT, with flat-bottom shaped muffler, yields improved high speed aerodynamics. Continuous piping design, with an Advantex material, gives exceptional free-flowing exhaust with optimized back pressure. This means bigger horsepower, torque gains, and a richer, deeper sporty sound.

Polished stainless steel piping, bent -to-shape flange, and titanium tips, makes for a snazzy look, too.

Something else to consider . .

The oil control valve (OCV) on the Subaru Legacy GT has been known to cause issues for some owners. Fortunately the part is not all that expensive at the nearest Subaru dealer part counter, and it’s fairly simple to install for the handy. All the Subaru performance parts online make it possible.

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Subaru WRX Special Edition Vs. MazdaSpeed 3: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Fun and sporty are adjectives that describe the Subaru WRX Special edition and the MAZDASPEED 3. Those adjectives also describe what many car buyers are looking for these days. A vehicle that gets great mileage on fuel, looks sleek, and can fit their friends and family. A look at both of these vehicles side by side shows how they compare.

Body Design

When looking at these vehicles, it’s clear that they’re body design is quite similar. The MAZDASPEED 3 however has more of a rounded body and a covered grill with lines all around its exterior. The Subaru WRX Special Edition is orange with black covered wheels, side mirrors, , and an overall manlier appearance. Both have sporty finishes, a spoiler on the back and a hood vent. The Mazda spoiler is on the top of the car. It has a hatchback style trunk. The Subaru has a small trunk area completely covered by the spoiler. Both are spacious for their small sizes. The Mazda also has two exhaust pipes, while the Subaru has four. When some of these elements such as the headlights need to be changed or replaced, the car owner or technician can buy OEM Mazda and OEM Subaru parts online.

Interior Design

The interior of the Subaru WRX Special Edition hasn’t changed much since 2008, with a basic shift knob although it’s encased in leather, two-toned seats, some areas of orange interior matching the exterior, and silver covered foot pedals.  The MAZDASPEED 3 has an automatic start button, the same silver covered foot pedals, and red cross-stitching on the black leather-trimmed interior. The Mazda comes with navigation if the Technology Package is added. Both are a little loud on the inside with all the power working under the hood.

Under Hood Design

The MAZDASPEED 3 boasts 263-horse power while the Subaru WRX Special Edition barely beats it 265-horse power. The Mazda is forward wheel driven and the Subaru is all wheel driven. They both have the same engine type. The WRX is definitely faster on acceleration, going from 0-60 in 4.7s vs. 5.8s on the Mazda. The WRX is more expensive, has a larger fuel tank, and lower fuel economy. To replace or maybe upgrade these parts check for OEM Mazda and OEM Subaru parts online.

In a side by side comparison, both vehicles are similar in style and some parts , but differ in speed and economy.

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Subaru Performance Parts Online: The Boxer Engine

Subaru has been part of innovative design for years and nothing holds truer than their use of the Boxer engine. It has been part of their vehicles over the last 40 plus years.  Named for its boxer-like design, Subaru has developed several Boxer engine styles for different vehicles and customer needs. They each have different performance specs as well, so individuals wanting to change, upgrade, or replace their engine can find Subaru performance parts online.

Boxer Engine History

The development of the Boxer engine for Subaru was headed by Shinroku Momose. The Boxer is horizontally opposed engine. Only 2 companies use horizontally opposed engines for vehicle use. The first mass production of the engine was in 1966 with the Boxer 1000.

Smart Design

The idea behind the horizontally opposed engine is that the pistons move toward each other in horizontal motion. There are many advantages to this design.

  • Low center of gravity – The engine has better stability (no tilting or falling)
  • Low vibration – Noise from engine is lowered.
  • Compact size
  • Efficient – Loses less power and uses less fuel

Aluminum alloy is used for the engines, making them 15% lighter. The Boxer Diesel was ranked 3rd in class and the EJ25 Turbo won Engine of the Year in 2008.

Engine Options

There are four different Subaru Boxer engine options. The first is the 2.0 liter Flat-4 and the second is the 2.5 liter Flat-4. These basically employ the same design other than the size. The 2.0 liter Boxer engine produces 148 horsepower and the 2.5 liter Boxer engine has 170 horsepower. They are both 4-cylinder engines. The third Boxer engine option is the 2.5 liter Turbocharged Flat-4. It is available in three versions: 227 hp, 265 hp, and 305 hp. The turbocharged design with intercooled 4-cylinder engine makes this a performance engine, available when searching for Subaru performance parts online. The final Boxer engine option is the largest. It is a 3.6 liter engine with 256 hp, 6 cylinders, and 247 lb-ft. of torque.

Though Subaru employs four different Boxer engine styles, each one comes from the same basic design.

The Subaru Boxer engine is designed for maximum performance in a compact package that only one other manufacturer has duplicated.  Subaru continue to strive for perfection as it makes advances in the Boxer engine design. Anyone looking to utilize this engine in their vehicles can find Subaru performance parts online.

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Featured Product: Subaru 75W90 Extra S-Gear Oil & Transmission Fluid

Outback or Tribeca, Legacy or Impreza? Subarus need their fluids changed from time to time. The engine needs one kind of oil, but the transmission and differential need another. Subaru, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), recommends Extra S Gear Oil for its vehicles.

Subaru uses the Extra S Gear Oil 75W90 for the cars and trucks it puts in the showroom and on the road. The internet is filled with customer reports that shifting is smoother and less likely to grind with Extra S.

Extra S Gear Oil 75W90 is for MANUAL transmissions only:

 5 Speed Transmission
3.5 Quarts
 6 Speed Transmission
4.1 Quarts
 5 Speed Rear Differential 0.8 Quarts
 6 Speed Rear Differential
1.0 Quarts

Metal on metal is trouble waiting to happen – without lubricant. It takes the right lubricant give the assurance or confidence that damage will not happen. The pressures on parts in transmission boxes and differentials are more extreme than pressures on the engine. It is these pressures that the Extra S is made for.

  • Engineered to include synthetic elements, this highly refined oil uses sulfur to form a protective coating on all of the metal it touches, a barrier to avoid direct metal-to-metal contact. Because of the extreme pressures, these parts would heat up – without this protective lubricant coating – to the degree that it would be hazardous to the operating ability of the vehicle. The parts would likely wear out quickly.
  • Gear oil does not need to be regularly replaced like motor oil does. But, motorcycles need a change about every 3,800 miles (6,000 km). Over time, the motorcycle’s gear oil will degrade, losing its ability to lubricate the clutch and gears. It is important that the oil is recommended for motorcycles.
  • Extra S is the stock fluid found in any new Subaru – that requires 75W90 – on the dealer’s showroom floor. The gear oil is made for use in transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases in industrial and farm equipment as well as cars and trucks. Its high viscosity ensures maximum protection.

Extra S is like the oil that is used for engine lubrication, but it works on the parts that move slower and cooler than the engine. It is formulated and refined to the manufacturer’s specifications. Buy Extra S at your Subaru dealer. It is their most popular performance product, and they often run promotional sales.

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Subaru Releases Interactive 2013 Legacy Brochure


Today’s cars are more technological than ever. But it is not just the interior of your car getting in on the act. Everything from dealership websites to car manuals have gone digital.  This week, Subaru announced the release of an interactive brochure for its new offering, the 2013 Legacy.

The Dynamic Digital Brochure can be downloaded from their website, and also the company’s Facebook page. The brochure consists of 22 pages, and the viewer can check out different exterior colors and also get an idea of how different interior color and trim looks. The viewer can learn about the latest engine present in Legacy, get a demo of the improved fuel efficiency, the new Navigation system features and see 360° views of the interiors in various color combinations and more.

Additionally the interactive brochure offers the viewer greater control over information, comparison and sharing as all these can be done online. The company is also going to launch the brochure as an iPad app. Subaru has shown its commitment to environmentally friendly practices, buy reducing dependence on print and paper and the accompanying power, thus being even more carbon friendly.

The new interactive brochure allows buyers to browse the car’s many new features while not losing access to other online resources on the go. For example, browsers can look up Subaru performance parts online and Subaru parts OEM while perusing the new Legacy. This functionality makes the 2013 Legacy brochure more user-friendly, environmentally friendly and positions the car as a technological innovator. In short, this digital brochure is a win for both consumers and the auto maker.

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