Subaru 75W90 HD Gear & Transmission Fluid Extra-S Replacement - Quart Bottles SOA427V1700

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Subaru 75W90 HD Gear & Transmission Fluid Extra-S Replacement - Quart Bottles SOA427V1700

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This OEM Subaru 75W90 GL5 fluid will work in any Subaru that requires 75W90 fluid in the transmissions and differentials.

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Product Description

Subaru 75W90 HD Gear & Transmission Fluid Extra-S Replacement - Quart Bottles SOA427V1700

Vehicles all have some type of differential; it may be located in the front in front-wheel drive vehicles and in the back in rear-wheel drive vehicles. Four-wheel drives have three differentials; one each in the front, back and center of the vehicle. In this case, the center differential helps in adjusting speed differences between front and rear wheels.

It is this differential and gears which lets outside wheels go faster and further than inside wheels by rotating them at different speeds while maintaining stability when you turn. Like all gears in vehicles, these gears too need to be lubricated well for its peak performance with oils like Subaru 75W90 HD Gear & Transmission Fluid.

The gear oil gets dirty and contaminated like any other lubricating oil and thus has to be periodically changed, generally anywhere from 12,000 to 50,000 miles, based on the vehicle and driving conditions. If you don't, you may end up needing a new differential which costs a maximum $1,500 while replacing your differential fluid costs as much as an oil change!

OEM Subaru fluid is one of the many Subaru performance parts online which works best in Subaru cars requiring 75W90 fluid in both its transmissions and differentials. This 75W90 Gear and Axle Lubricant is recommended and used by Subaru for replacing your Differential and Transmission Fluid.

You will experience smoother shifting which is less prone to grinding once you replace your fluid with Subaru Extra-S fluid. It also reduces the common grinding existing in 3-4 shift grinds in high mileage Subaru cars which run on 5 speed WRX transmissions.

The fluid is available as single quart bottles where while 5 Speed Open Rear differentials need 0.8 quarts of the fluid, 6 speed Rear differentials need 1.1 quarts. Similarly, 5 speed transmissions require 3.7 quarts of the fluid and 6 sped transmissions, 4.3 quarts.

The fluid can be used in any Subaru car needing 75W90 fluid in their ratchets and transmissions. It is however meant to be used only in manual transmissions.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Subaru
SKU SOA427V1700
Ships In No
Fitment Subaru 5 & 6-Speed Transmission Applications - R160 & R180 Rear Differentials
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